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Maa Rewa Nidhi Limited


With attractive schemes, easy repayment options and lowest interest rates, Maa Rewa Nidhi Limited, one of the leading Nidhi Companies in Delhi offers a hassle-free experience to avail Loan.

Maa Rewa Nidhi Limited Loans may be availed for any amount between Rs.1,000 to a maximum of Rs.15 Lakhs. Loans are available for periods ranging from one month to one year. Our Loans do not have any lock- in-period and there are no prepayment penalties. You can repay earlier than scheduled as you desire. To obtain the loan, you need to submit your gold jewellery (within the Karat range of 18 to 24 k) at your nearest Maa Rewa Nidhi Limited branches. The loan amount will be sanctioned on the basis of gold valuation which involves verification of its purity and loan amount shall be given up to 90% of the market value. The weight of stones etc. fixed on the ornaments will be deducted for the intention of valuation.

Interest Rate

Our base rate of interest is 12 percent. However, depending upon how high the Loan To Value (LTV) is, additional interest (amounting to risk premium) ranging from 4-8 percent is charged over and above the base rate. The interest and risk premium is applicable only for the days the money was actually utilized. There are no prepayment penalties.Simple interest is charged, which the borrower has to pay at the specified periodicity or at the closure of loan, whichever is earlier. The interest rate is fixed and calculated on a reducing balance basis.

Loan products have a maximum tenure of one year. However, depending upon how high the LTV is opted,members are required to service the interest at specified periodicities.For example, in schemes where LTV is high, interest would have to be serviced monthly.

Supporting Documents

To abide by the KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy of RBI and approved KYC norms of our Company, we insist to produce one document of identity proof (Such as Driving License, PAN Card, Voter ID card, Passport, Aaadhar Card etc.) and one document of residential address proof (Such as Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Bank account / Credit Card Statement, Municipal / Local/House Tax Bill / Receipt, Authentic Rent Receipt / Lease Document, Letter from reputed employer/ Public Authority).

Once you submit your Application Form, Demand Promissory Note and supporting documents, we shall give approval within a matter of minutes provided everything is in order. All loan approvals are at the sole discretion of the Branch Head.


Our Loan schemes fall broadly into two categories: 
a) High loan to value: These schemes offer the maximum amount of loan per Gram. At the same time in keeping with the extra risk, the interest cost to the borrower is higher.
b) Low interest rate: In this category, the interest rates are lower but the Loan to Value (LTV) is also comparatively less.

Our products are well tailored not only to the income group of the Customer, but to relevant considerations like how much loan Customers would like to avail against jewellery, and their comfort levels with respect to the interest rate and periodicity of repayment of interest and principal. Incidentally, Loans can be availed at our branches for amounts as low as Rs.1000 and as high as Rs. 15 Lakhs.

Guaranty and Security

We know that these gold ornaments are very precious and favorite to you. So we guarantee you that it will be in our safe hands in strong cash safes inside a strong room built as per the standards and specifications applicable to commercial banks. The pledged gold ornaments are also insured for full value. Moreover, security personnel and modern electronic surveillance technology are deployed to protect your beloved gold ornaments.

The most important things from the Customer’s perspective are transparency, security and choice of loan product to suit individual requirements. Transparency would help the Customer see for himself what he gets in return for what he pays. There should be no hidden costs and no nasty surprises.

Security is about how well the gold is physically secured, and also about the internal systems and procedures at the company which ensure that there is no scope for any malfunctions after the jewels have been pledged. The choice of loan products should cover the range from high LTV (loan to value) to low LTV, with appropriate variations in interest rates.

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